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Erin Galey
Erin hails from Pittsburgh originally. Then Austin, Nepal, Singapore, Zambia, in her car, on the river, raft guide housing, you get the idea... There’s not much that will stop her from being there first-hand when the magic happens. From working on brand stories to artists like The Flaming Lips and John Lee Hooker, Jr., training at NYU Tisch Asia to appearing on reality shows, and even exposing human trafficking at its very pulse in South Asia, she continues to challenge herself for a deeper understanding of the true essence of what makes people tick.
Corey Kupfer
Corey hails from the Wisconsin side of lake Michigan where he studied experimental film and creative writing, with his work appearing in galleries and publications in multiple countries. He made the switch to narrative film alongside Erin at NYU Tisch Asia in Singapore for such adventures as orangutan tracking in Borneo, working with street youth in Bangkok, and falling in love in Vietnam. His current work explores unique cultural cross sections and rethinking contemporary acting and directing methods. He wrote this bio from within a labyrinthine dry market of Los Angeles' Chinatown.
Chelsea Fung
Production Coordinator/Marketing
Chelsea is a Portland, Oregon native with a background in Public Relations and a love for all things film. Since graduating from University of Oregon (go Ducks!), Chelsea has created social media and public relations content for various film festivals including Film Independent's LA Film Festival and the 30th Annual Spirit Awards. She is also currently the Social Media Manager for the HollyShorts Film Festival, and the film podcast Adjust Your Tracking. When she's not writing up content she loves to travel and get her eyes on the newest film.
Robin Vada
A vocal advocate for women and minority filmmakers, Robin Vada has an insatiable drive to contribute to the overall stock of kindness in the world.
She has produced content for a wide range of major brands, including: Adidas, Intel, Xerox, Kodak, CDK Global, Bob's Redmill, Consumer Cellular, and more.
The most recent feature film she produced, The Falls Covenant of Grace, is streaming on Amazon and recently released on box set.
She speaks clumsy Spanish, some Cantonese, a little French, fluent HTML, and enough CSS to order a beer.
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