Here’s lookin’ at you 2015 – bring on 2016!

2015 was a TOTAL BLAST. Just take a look at our retrospective and you’ll see how much fun we had. Our projects  expanded from our normal slate of brand films to add some music videos and music-related content to our portfolio of work. Working with such a fun range of clients and projects has us feeling a little nostalgic. So we’re throwing things back today to our talented clients and crew as we welcome on the new year and all the new stories we’re getting ready to tell.

We kicked off our summer going back to school with the University of Oregon in their new Sports Product Management program trailer – keep your eyes peeled for sports reporter Darren Rovell to tweet this in the near future! (He was at the fall sneak preview at Providence Park, home of the MLS Award-winning Portland Timbers).  

It’s been so fun working with this program and their brand over the years, so much that seeing their first batch of students finally come through made US proud! For this series, we used the RED Scarlet and Zeiss CP2’s – a perfect branded doc setup.  Read more about the Sports Product Management Program in their featured Complex Magazine article (photos by us). 

Make sure to check out all our past work & viral webseries for UO SPM in our WORK section.

We had the opportunity to give back this year to the Empower Nepali Girls organization with a complimentary Empower Nepali Girls Mission video. In The Flicker has had a rich history with the Empower Nepali Girls organization, which began with Creative Director, Erin Galey’s award-winning short ‘Sahasi Chori, Brave Girl‘. When her film screened at the Angaelica Film Festival in Washington, one of the audience members gave the director of ENG, Jeffrey Kottler, a heads up.  Before you know it, Erin and Jeffrey were plotting and planning together for how they could help some of their favorite people on the planet, and this video is what came out of that. 

Next we spread our wings and traveled to Texas for a music video to follow a successful Kickstarter campaign for Folk Legend Bobby Bridger. For this particular project, we set the scene with Texas’ gorgeous landscape using the Canon 5DM3 and Canon Primes, along with some new wardrobe talent. Bobby Bridger’s new album, Vagabond Heart, is available online along with a free song download of ‘The Cycle Song’.

To wrap up our summer, we were over the moon to shoot Emancipator’s music video for their hit single ‘Seven Seas’ with some awesome local Portland talent. ‘Seven Seas’ stars Nicole Cooper, who plays a girl waking up in an enchanted dream-like realm, and struggling with forces trying to keep her from experiencing direct sunlight. Thanks to designer/wardrobe Jade Harris and HMU artist Destiny Taylor, director Erin Galey and our crew were able to achieve a beautiful, dreamy, futuristic and breathtaking look for the characters. We worked with Zeiss lenses and, one of our favorites, the Red Dragon camera, to add the crisp feel to the dreamy world we created for the music video.


As summer dissolved we welcomed the Fall by collaborating with our long-time friend Stuart Getty as he directed a piece for TIME Magazine as a tribute to Caitlyn Jenner. We Are Clouds dives into the discovery of gender identity that transgender youth goes through. Stuart added a bit of levity to the visuals with voice over from 1960s Philosopher Alan Watts. For this piece, we aided Stuart’s story by finding locations for the shoot, talent, and laying the scene with the Red camera.

Now that the New Year has come we can’t wait to welcome new clients and new stories!