Introducing: What We’re Watching List

Since our agency is comprised of independent filmmakers and film lovers we’ve put together a list of the movies and TV series, new and old, we’ve had our eye on. To kick off our first ‘What We’re Watchin’ List’ our Producer, Corey, recommends his movie picks, in theaters and VOD, while our Public Relations Manager, Chelsea, recommends her TV picks.

TV/Mini Series


 Top Of The Lake (2013 ) – Jane Campion is working on the second season, premiering March 18, 2016, so now is the time to catch up and binge watch this awesome True Detective (Season 1) meets Law & Order: SVU with a splash of Twin Peaks show.

 The show follows Detective Robin Griffin, Elisabeth Moss, as she unravels the motives behind a pregnant 12-year-old girl’s suicide attempt. In doing so, she struggles to keep her head above water while testing the bounds of her ‘jurisdiction’ in a town that has a strong undercurrent of dark secrets and washes up memories of her harrowing past.


 The Knick (2014) – Watch the electric Clive Owen play Doctor, John Thackery, in the Jack Amiel and Michael Begler created, and Steven Soderbergh directed series about the bloody, life changing world of medicine in the 1900s. You’ll want to make some time for this Doctor in your schedule because the second season premieres October 16.




 Sicario (2015) – Denis Villeneuve doesn’t reinvent the wheel but confirms his place as a solid go-to director. “Edge of your seat” doesn’t begin to describe the incredible cross-border Juarez action sequence executed with a sophisticated gritty realism.

 (In theatres now)


 Inherent Vice (2014) – Inherent Vice may not be P.T. Anderson’s best, and will certainly displease the masses, but to cast it aside is to join those masses and critics who did just that to every film Stanley Kubrick made. Anderson is undoubtedly one of the greatest there has ever been, and any offering he has is worth time and consideration. Advice for viewing: be in an environment conducive to careful contemplation, and then completely f***ing let go. Give in to the the experience.

(Available on VOD)

 “There’s no template for a screenplay, or there shouldn’t be. There are at least as many screenplay possibilities as there are people who write them. We’ve been conned into thinking there is a pre-established form. Like any big business, the film business believes in mass production.” (Charlie Kaufman)


Synecdoche, New York (2008) – Charlie Kaufman’s brilliant screenplay Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind made waves when filtered through a director (Michel Gondry) just mainstream enough to connect with millions. Synecdoche, New York, directed by Kaufman himself, has no such filter. It’s a rare occasion in the film industry where an artist that deserves it receives carte blanche to create their opus. It’s huge scope is intricately deep, philosophical and full of heart. His upcoming stop-motion film Anomalisa, funded by fans on Kickstarter, just made huge waves at TIFF.

(Available on Netflix DVD)