Official Music Video: Emancipator’s ‘Seven Seas’






Official music video for Seven Seas feat Madelyn Grant from Emancipator’s album Seven Seas.

Written/Directed by Erin Galey
Produced by In The Flicker and Corey Kupfer
Cinematography by Ryan Chapman
IG: @intheflicker

Shot on Red Dragon & Zeiss Lenses

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To complement the release of Emancipator’s fourth studio album ‘Seven Seas’ he has teamed up with fellow Portland-based video production company, In The Flicker, to add a stunning ocular level to the ‘Seven Seas’ music video featuring lyrics and vocals from Madelyn Grant. Just last year Madelyn’s voice graced Odesza’s break out single ‘Sun Models’ and creates a hauntingly, mesmerizing climate to the ‘Seven Seas’ track. Emancipator’s spellbinding music is impacted by nature, which befittingly served as the music video’s luscious visual backdrop for the track.


“Although being instrumental, the track develops with the undeniable impression you’re being taken on a journey, experiencing a story unfold,” says Galey, “so I used that to build on their last video, by staying in the natural world.” This beautifully-shot video takes viewers on a journey of existential discovery that explores transformation and self-reliance.


Emancipator has been featured on MTV Hive and Vice’s Noisey a number of times from their album ‘Dusk To Dawn’ to their new album ‘Seven Seas’. Read what the press is saying about the music video that encapsulates the dreamy essence of this incredible track:




“The flawless vocals of Grant help create a hauntingly beautiful video that is complimented perfectly by Galey and her team’s visuals” The Future FM


“‘Seven Seas’ music video, directed by Erin Galey, showcases an inspiring, emotional journey of internal struggles and self-discovery.”Dancing Astronaut


“Doug Appling, aka Emancipator, teamed up with director Erin Galey for a music video set to the title track…. The beautifully shot video takes viewers on a journey of existential discovery.”Bass Feeds The Soul


“Directed by Erin Galey, the title track is a cinematic video that looks like a Hollywood movie.The Message Magazine (Austria)