Book Trailer

This branded web content was featured on Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne’s website for their book, Winning Without Losing, a self-help book foroverworked millennial entrepreneurs. This internet release was also featured on their publisher's websites in more than 30 countries, and featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, CNBC, Wired, Men's Health, and many more...

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Concept Developed & Produced by In The Flicker: Directed by Erin Galey CInematography by Sean D. Brown: Sound Design & Mix by Anne Tolkkinen: Starring Alexandra Blatt: and Greg James: Music Articulate Silences pt.1 by Stars of the Lid from And Their Refinement of the Decline Kranky Label 2007 Cadillac Desert by William Tyler from Impossible Truth Merge Records 2013 Many thanks to: Clean Slate Studios Option Model and Media Ellen and Frank Devlin