Top 5 Takeaways From Portland’s 3% Conference

Last week the thirteenth traveling MiniCon 3% Conference, Founded by Kat Gordon and sponsored by Wieden + Kennedy, took place at PNCA in Portland, OR, where people from all industries and genders gathered to celebrate and support the lovely ladies of the creative industry. Here are our top five favorite pieces of advice for anyone in the industry from some of the powerhouse speakers:

  1. ‘Diversity is the best thing to happen to creativity’ – Kat Gordon, 3% Founder

  2. ‘Never explain, never complain, never apologize’, ‘If you want to support female geniuses, you have to find a new vocabulary to describe female geniuses’ – Sarah Shapiro, Co-Creator of UnReal

  3. ‘The key to staying in the industry is you have to take control’ –Mira Kaddoura, Red & Co.

  4. ‘I’m inspired by this idea of trusting your journey, and trusting your own genius’ –Intisar Abioto, The Black Portlanders

  5. ‘The best thing for me (creatively) has just been to say yes to myself, to where I am in that moment.’, ‘Don’t go swimming when you have diarrhea.’ –Tig Notaro

Thank you to Kat Gordon and Wieden + Kennedy for hosting this year’s 3% Conference, we can’t wait for the next one and as a female owned creative agency, we’re proud to be a part of the movement to #changetheratio!