Cannes Roar can be heard at In The Flicker


Since the recent Cannes Lions Festival has ended, we’ve been nothing short of inspired by agency giants and boutiques all the same. We look forward to adding some Lion Roar to our studio this coming year from what we’ve learned over the past few weeks. Here are the top 3 takeaways we couldn’t get enough of:

1.  Instagram Journalism – Beaming out of the festival like Bauhaus theory, brands are following that old German adage “form follows function,” and using new platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat to harbor native advertising seamlessly with user content, and tell brand stories in new and unique ways. This past December, Instagram announced it eclipsed 300 million users, which means that it if were a nation, it would be the fourth most populous in the world.* Brands are more than a logo these days, they have a face, voice, and story, and the creative writers and photographers shaking up the Instagram world are proving this kind of experimentation is not only possible, but necessary. We’ve seen lots of this on the ‘gram – guests taking over accounts like Travel Oregon, Humans of New York, and the Virginia Quarterly Review. Northwest-based cinematographers and photographers like Anson Fogel, Andy Best, Jimmy Chin, and even surf legend Kelly Slater, post not only beautiful imagery, but also poetry, quotes, and even essays alongside their pictures. Because of this, they’re reaching different audiences than through traditional media outlets alone. It’s this kind of innovation we value most at In The Flicker, because it’s brave and #storyforward.  We’re looking forward to bringing some of our own innovation to our Instagram account. Are you following us? We’re @intheflicker .

2. Ad tech– Cannes Lions attendees were introduced to two new Apple native programs in beta: iBeacon, and Icebreaker – both designed to curate advertising and business networking, respectively, through location-based data mining.  iBeacon provides customized & personalized interactive experiences and event information in real-time. Everyone’s been talking about the future of data-mining over the past few years, and how someone could capitalize on breaking the back of that new frontier. Is iBeacon it? Ad tech companies of all shapes and sizes simply argued that their software mattered to creatives more now than ever; they’re the means through which creativity reached the right people in the right way at the right time – man those Germans were on to something…

In other ad tech news, Tinder’s Sean Rad announced they were in the process of securing a patent for the act of ‘swiping’ in any direction… I think we smell a “choose your own adventure” campaign in somebody’s future.  Wonder who will jump on it first?

3. Truffle Pig – boy is this a collaboration we can’t wait to see come to life. Snapchat, Daily Mail, andWPP are teaming up to deliver the best of global content and storytelling that values quality over quantity “to find the rare and tasty.” (high five! That’s our core value too). In a decided opposing tack from ad tech, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel stated they cared about ‘not being creepy,’ and that targeted advertising that ‘follows’ a user was not of interest to them. Their 3V offering (vertical, video, views) allowed ads to fit the content of the Stories they told. Statistics show that consumers are engaging with content faster than brands are creating it.  The merging of these three media giants reflects a global brand need in the story-driven marketplace for a “Truffle Pig.”  Sir Martin Sorrell CEO of WPP, stated that the organization would address the fact that consumers crave quality in a content saturated digital market, to satisfy people’s appetite for great storytelling – and inspire brand engagement, loyalty, and sales. We can’t wait to smell the truffles that this trio will bring to life, and to serve up rare and tasty dishes of our own.

— by Chelsea Fung & Erin Galey